Order Cool Video Tape!

 I have mounted a video camera in my NSX and have taken some "interesting" video footage. "Interesting" is about the only way I can describe it. Anybody who is a car nut should get a kick out of it. The tape consists of:

  1. 30 minutes of footage from Doug and Wayne's 1995 Virginia City Hill Climb Adventure. It was kinda like having a Ferris Bueller day off, meaning that so many fun things fell into place that weekend. Totally amateur video. But highly, highly entertaining. See and listen as Doug and Sal attack the Hill, with Sal screaming to go faster and faster. See what the Ultima Sport Coupe ($85,000) looked like before it went off the hill, and what was left after it went airborne at Turn 7 and tumbled 400 feet down the rocky hillside.
  2. 40+ minutes of miscellaneous in car footage from racetracks such as Willow Springs, Las Vegas, and Buttonwillow. You will see horribly ugly spinouts at 90+ mph, out takes, bloopers, and a couple of decently driven laps. You will definitely get a sense for the amount of abuse that an NSX can take.
  3. 20 Minutes of footage of high speed driving through Highway 88 on the ride home from Virginia City. The road was dry, but snow covered mountains everywhere else.
  4. Titles for the various scenes. Background music for most of the driving scenes.
  5. Color cover for the video tape.
  6. Liner notes.

Caveats: There is LOTS of cursing in this video. Not suitable for children, or anyone who is offended by lots of cuss words. Definitely an R-Rated Video. Most of the video is from the camera mounted inside the car, as opposed to footage of the car itself. There are no shots of the car with the flame decals on it yet, you'll have to wait for The NSX-Files Volume 2, expected release hopefully around the end of August 1997..

I am selling these videos at my cost to help promote interest in motorsports. Yes, there is a money back guarantee if for some odd reason you don't enjoy the tape, all you have to do is pay for postage and send the tape back to me. People have asked me why it cost $17 bucks to duplicate a tape. It cost $7 bucks for mass duplication, 4 bucks or so for postage, $6 bucks for photocopying and to help offset the cost of a video editor.

I have product ready to ship out on VHS cassette with color cover for the video tape and liner notes (hey, if your going to do something, put the effort in and do it right!) and can send them out as soon as I get your check. I have distributed 270 copies of the tapes so far (As of October 1, 1998) , and have just reprinted another 50 copies of this limited edition video tape. Incredibly, about 190 of these orders have come from people who have read this web page and sent me a check. If I have to make another production run, I am going to have to raise the price as this is taking WAY too much time to build the tapes. (Drive to tape duplication place, get tape duped. Wait 48 hours. Go pick up tapes. Watch tape to make sure they duped correctly. Go to Kinkos. Get labels/cover art copies. Wait 24 hours. Drive back to Kinkos, pick up copies. Photocopy liner notes. Fold liner notes. Go to post office, buy envelopes and stamps. Cut out all labels and artwork with Exacto knife. Paste/place artwork on tapes. Label envelopes. Pack all stuff into envelopes. Drive to post office. Breath a sigh of relief. Cringe as more orders start to come in the mail….)

The Finished Product. Next Step: Sell worldwide distribution/manufacturing rights.

Customer Testimonials from people who have seen the final tape:
"It's a rip-roaring, pedal to the metal, wind in your face, dust in your mouth good time….Doug takes you to parts of the track(both on and off) that most drivers never see!" -B. Ethington

"It starts with a hilarious intro. I laughed myself silly! I'm not the only one who's got a messy living space…Maybe it's a guy thing." K. Sax, nsxtasy@mcs.com

"MTV does Gonzo'd at the racetrack…sure to become a cult classic" - D. Kamenar

"I sold my two 911's and bought an NSX after witnessing first hand the abuse Doug's car could take - But I'll never subject my NSX to this kind of abuse." - W. Mello

If you would like a copy, go to the Pulp Store for secure online credit card processing or you can send a check for $17 bucks made out to Pulp Racing to::

Doug Hayashi
The NSX-Files Volume 1
315 19th Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648