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World Premiere Release Date June 4, 1998
("Godzilla"the big summer film release? WRONG, it's the NSX-Files Sequel!)

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Due to all the rave reviews from purchasers of Volume I, my original plan was to ship this tape about 18 months ago. But my video editor had to cancel the appointment back around Christmas 1996. I have tried about five times to setup an appointment, but for one reason or another either Steve(the editor) or I had to cancel at the last minute. I also have a real job that I focus 70+ hours a week working on, so it is tough to block out time to do wacky stuff like this. Anyways, the wait turned out to be a good thing, as the tape I had planned to ship back in Christmas 1996 was too long and didn’t have enough action in it. I re-edited the tape again and added a bunch of clips which I think made a better tape, more enjoyable, faster paced video tape. So patience is rewarded in this case! CAVEAT: For those of you who saw Volume I and liked all the exciting high-speed spins in it, unfortunately, I am a little bit better of a driver, so I don't have nearly as many wipeouts as I do in Volume I. BUT, if you are a car nut and a track head, I think you will really like this new tape. Volume II will allow you view through the lens of an on-board camera the following:

Caveats: There is cursing in this video, not as bad as Volume I. Not suitable for children, as they might get a potty mouth like me. You also probably don't want your sixteen year old son watching this tape right before he gets his driver's license. Most of the video is from the camera mounted inside the car, as opposed to footage of the car itself. Also, watching this stuff could be dangerous to your sanity and financial well-being. You could conceivably watch this video, and then make the mistake of taking your car to a track event. In which case, you are going down the same road as a heroin addict, crack cocaine user, gambler's anonymous. Meaning you will spend all your spare time figuring out how to go-fast. You will spend all your spare money on go-fast parts, like tires, rims, exhaust, headers, springs, shocks, sway bars, airboxes, superchargers, turbochargers, short gears, ring and pinions. Worse yet, if you run out of spare money, then you start using your credit cars, borrowing against your 401k, begging for money from your parents. Believe me, I have lead Wayne to this ruinous go-fast lifestyle, and we have together ruined countless other individuals who will never again be a sane, safe, responsible individual.

I am selling these videos at my cost to help promote interest in motorsports. Yes, there is a money back guarantee if for some odd reason you don't enjoy the tape, all you have to do is pay for postage and send the tape back to me. People have asked me why it cost $17 bucks to duplicate a tape. This ain't no el cheapo production product like that Pamela Lee tape that sells for $40 bucks on the Internet that comes with no liner notes, no color cover, no color labels, and a picture that shakes so much you get a headache.(Not that I ever saw that tape, or ordered it....). Factor in cost for duplicating tape, 8 hours of a video editor at $60 an hour, copying liner notes, copying full color labels + video tape cover, shipping, handling, and you are getting a pretty damn good product. This tape is WAY better than that piece of shit set of Ferrari tapes that you can buy that don't even show you any decent track time with those Italian cars.

Customer Testimonials from people who have seen the tape:

"I can't believe he actually uses that car as his daily driver with all those stupid decals and flames on it" -D. Kamenar

"His room still looks the same as it has the past 39 years. He was born a slob, and is still a slob." - His Mother

"Almost as much fun as driving an NSX" - H. Somerfield

"I like this tape better than Volume I, because it has more of me in it!" - W. Mello

"It is truly amazing how this car stays in one piece, and be just as fast, if not faster as it were out of the box. Truly a benchmark that makes Acura (Honda) proud!" - A. Vizcarra

"This tape will surely go down as one of the great NSX tapes of all time. Tarantino, Spielberg, Cameron, etc., look out, there is a new kid on the block." - Owner, Pulp Racing, LLC

If you would like a copy, go to the Pulp Store for secure online credit card processing or you can send a check for $17 bucks made out to Pulp Racing to::

Doug Hayashi
The NSX-Files Volume II
315 19th Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648